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Dental Braces, Retainers, and teeth Alignment   

Boost your confidence by acquiring dental braces. Having perfect teeth alignment equates to a great smile and healthy teeth. That's why offers top quality dental brace work. We offer different types of orthodontic braces such as stainless steel metal braces, gold braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, Lingual braces and Damon braces. We can also offer colored braces as well as braces with a variety of colors and shape. You can either choose from our board certified orthodontists or have our experienced dentists to do the job.

Dental Braces and Orthodontist

Straighten teeth with our quality dental braces. We offer conventional braces as well as newer types such as self ligating braces and colored braces. We also provide expanders to create a wider space for the lower jaw or if the upper teeth are crowded or blocked away out of the dental arch. After wearing braces, this usually takes about an average of 24 months, retainers are placed to help prevent your teeth in returning to a crooked alignment. It may take at first 24/7 then after several months you can switch to wearing retainers only at night time. The most common retainer brands in the market are the Hawley Retainer and the Essix Retainer. Permanent bonded retainer is also available. If you're planning to have dental braces but are reluctant or unsure of what to expect, we can set you an appointment for further consultation. can help with:

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